500w HO Blackstar LED Grow Light



The BLACKSTAR line uses 2w and 3w chipsets, delivering the most powerful LED's in the world. Penetration of the canopy is unmatched, we use a combination of 60deg LED's and 120deg LED's for the perfect ballance between penetrating power and coverage area. There are now the optimum balance of spectrums for flowering. The majority of the LED's are 630nm and 660nm but this light also has 730nm infrared, 380 Ultraviolet, 425nm deep blue, 12,000k Cree (with 450nm peak) white chipsets. This light can be used from start to finish during a grow but they are especially useful for flowering. Our grow tests and reviews from shops and customers tell us that due to the huge red wavelength concentration, flowering is induced several weeks earlier using this light. If you are looking for a light just to be used in Veg/Clone, take a look at our High Output series. Specifications: - Size: 19.75" x 12.25" - Coverage Area: 4' x 3' (12 Square Feet) - LED Chipset: 3W - Number of LED's: 168 - Rated Hours: 50,000 - Bands: 6 Band - Red: 630, 660nm - Blue: 425nm - Infrared: 730nm - Ultraviolet: 380nm - White: 12000k - Worldwide Voltage: 90v-240v - Modular Power Cord (Available in US, UK, EU, AU) - Warranty: 1 Year All Inclusive Coverage Area For Maximum Yeild: 12sqft Maximum Suggested Coverage Area: 16sqft Optimal Distance To Canopy: 10"-14" HYDROPONIC LED 101 i 1/2 Please Read * Why buy from the USA? Buyer beware, buy from China and wait up to 5 weeks for shipping, and if and when the light is defective, you must pay to ship back to China to claim warranty (if any) . * Never buy from any company you can not talk to. 1800-607-2516 We are not just an Internet company selling products we do not know anything about. We are a brick and mortar Hydro distributor, call us and find out. * I see ads for 5band, 6band and more bands, why would I want a 2-3 band LED? More bands does not mean a better light, these spectrums are the most efficient and proven

500w HO Blackstar LED Grow Light Review

I bought this last week, and i am suprised! This 500w HO Blackstar LED Grow Light is just wonderful! For 591.36, It has surprisingly nice quality.