7mesh Industries S2S Jersey - Short-Sleeve - Men's 2 Ball Blue, M



If you were to take the S2S Jersey apart all the way down to each of the synthetic fibers that constitute its overall blend, you'd have an idea of why we're so excited about the newly debuted 7mesh Industries. The folks at 7mesh (whose home base of Squamish, British Columbia, even makes us Park City-dwellers a little jealous) forgo the main shortcut for fitting a jersey that so many other manufacturers rely on: elastane. Adding elastane makes for a jersey that deforms to fit your body, so the jersey can be, essentially, shapeless by design, with the material doing the work of ensuring a good fit. But that forgiving stretch includes the addition of elastane's hydrophilic properties. This isn't a problem until the ride gets hot and you start to sweat, at which point the thirsty elastane soaks up moisture and becomes a sodden, soggy mess, adding weight and hampering the jersey's ability to breathe. 7mesh opts for a 100% polyester on the jersey's back and shoulder panels to address this, taking advantage of the material's hydrophobic properties to keep you dry and cool. It also has a subtle texture that, while not remarkable to the touch, dramatically increases the fabric's surface level for even faster wicking. The lack of stretch means that there are no shortcuts here; the jersey had to be designed to actually fit. That's why the S2S features more panels across the shoulders than your typical jerseys, creating a pattern that accommodates your body's cycling position with a mechanical stretch -- that is, a stretch that is built-in by design rather than inherent in the materials. The result is a jersey that keeps you comfortable all day, so you can forgo any shortcuts in your ride. The front panel is made of a four-way stretch nylon weave that resists abrasion and offers nominal wind protection, and both materials follow the current and welcome trend of sun protection by conferring a UPF of 50. The wide elastic hem and cuffs secure the jersey's carefully designed ...

7mesh Industries S2S Jersey - Short-Sleeve - Men's 2 Ball Blue, M Review

I have got one two weeks ago. I can say it is one of the best 7mesh Industries in the branch. I am absolutely satisfied.