Altra Impulse Running Shoe - Women's Aqua Fade, 7.5



Satisfy your long-distance running impulses with the natural feel and lightweight, yet stable design of the Altra Women's Impulse Running Shoe. The Zero Drop platform encourages a more natural, low-impact strike that properly aligns body posture and strengthens lower leg muscles. And unlike the narrow toe boxes of most running shoes, its Footshape toe box allows room for your toes to spread out to enhance comfort and balance. The friction-free, lightweight, and breathable upper prevents hot spots and improves comfort. A responsive, high-rebound EVA and A-Bound blend midsole cushions your every step and propels you into your next stride. Varus Stability Wedge Technology provides flexible stability to prevent early and late-stage foot collapse, and Stabilipod technology acts as a stabilizing tripod to prevent over-pronation. It's finished off with a lightweight FootPod outsole that maps the tendons and bones of your foot to provide a natural, easy flex that allows your foot to move naturally.

Altra Impulse Running Shoe - Women's Aqua Fade, 7.5 Review

For 119.95, it is very cheap product. If i'll need another running, i'll definitely buy this again!