Canadian Northern Birch Mistral Collection Natural / : Birch / Standar



Options in the Jasper Northern Birch Mistral Collection offer several viable, attractive options with appealing price points to match. Cut and finished by a leading manufacturer of Canadian solid hardwood flooring, these are hardwood floors that provide even more visual options for everything from traditional to contemporary designs in homes and commercial spaces. The hardiness of northern birch makes this collection a high-quality flooring option. The superiority of Northern Birch Northern Canadian Birch is a very hardy wood that has been seasoned by the harsh winters in northern Canada. This makes the wood much stronger than traditional US Birch. And in this collection, the lengths you will see in each batch are longer than average. This means that you can achieve a luxurious flow when it comes to floor layouts. Affordability with BuildDirect BuildDirect is proud to work directly with our manufacturing partners to bring high-quality, well-made northern birch hardwood floors to your door. We do this at an affordable price by partnering with only the best manufacturers with an ample inventory, then streamlining the process of getting your materials to you at a reasonable price. Our efficient process that includes advanced logistics and online technology allows us to do away with the unnecessary steps it takes to get hardwood flooring from where it's made to your project site. This means fewer costs to us, and better prices for you. We pride ourselves on preserving that high quality while delivering materials at a price that can't be found at your local retailer.

Canadian Northern Birch Mistral Collection Natural / : Birch / Standar Review

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