Crown Verity 60 Mobile Propane Outdoor Griddle - MG-60-LP



The Crown Verity MG-60-LP 60 Mobile Propane Outdoor Griddle (MG-60-LP) really enhances the productivity of any job you carry out because it comes with two workstations that provide plenty of room for other team members to join you in the cooking process. The inclusion of this extra workspace makes this griddle perfect for some of the biggest projects because you can get so much more accomplished in the time you have Assembly:When you're working to tight deadlines, having to worry about putting the griddle together is not a good way to spend your time, that's why this griddle is delivered to you in a perfect, pre-assembled condition. It also arrives on a skid, making it so easy for you to remove the griddle from its packaging The Grease Tray:Even after prolonged usage, it's so simple to clean this unit's grease tray. The tray can be disconnected from either end of the griddle and it just slides right out, allowing you to empty its contents and thoroughly clean it in just a matter of minutes It's Portable:What makes this griddle so special is that you can take it to where the crowds are gathered, but this would not be possible if a range of features were not included to enhance its portability. This unit comes with 14 wheels that allow for smooth, easy transit over a whole host of different surfaces. Burners:Eight burners are included underneath the surface of the griddle, allowing for the even distribution of heat across the entirety of the work area. You can be sure that, no matter where you place your ingredients on the griddle, your food will be cooked thoroughly, evenly and to perfection. Fire Safety:In order to help reduce the risk of a grease fire occurring, the inclusion of water pans and drain ports act as a cooling mechanism that helps to keep you and your customers safe when the griddle is in use.

Crown Verity 60 Mobile Propane Outdoor Griddle - MG-60-LP Review

My friends were amazed with this Crown Verity 60 Mobile Propane Outdoor Griddle - MG-60-LP. I have to order more for them.