Crown Verity CV-PHS-3C Portable Hand Sink Cart



This Crown Verity hand sink cart provides heightened sanitation for any outdoor event - perfect for keeping your hands clean outside. This model provides three basins in which to wash your hands - giving users plenty of room to work with. The faucet gets its water from two 5 gallon water tanks situated in the cavity of the cabinet, that is pumped up to it via a 120V electrical water pump. Alternatively, this cart can be hooked up to city water and drain, to give you unlimited access to water without the need to refill the water tanks. The dirty water is collected in two slightly larger 7.5 gallon tanks to prevent overflowing and to help compensate for any other liquids or dirt that is collected. Powered with a 12 ft electrical cord, to give the cart added mobility. 10 Gallon Capacity:Holds two 5 gallon tanks and draws water from them - the dirty waste water is then drained into two 7.5 gallon tanks to compensate for potential overflowing Stainless Steel:This cart is of stainless steel construction - giving it a tough exterior, plus added security with a lockable access door Money Saving Design:This model of hand sink cart doesn't come with a water heater, and produces only cold water - saving on electricity City Water And Drain:To avoid frequent refills, you can opt to hook this cart up to the main city water and drain connections for a constant water supply and waste disposal Soap and Towel Dispensers:On the backsplash of the cart there are hand towels and soap for users to easily access while washing their hands Features 12 ft Plug:This sink has the advantage of a 12 ft electrical plug for its power - giving it added mobility outside and preventing it from being tied down to one wall Comes Fully Assembled:This unit comes fully assembled - the water tanks are detachable for the purposes of refilling

Crown Verity CV-PHS-3C Portable Hand Sink Cart Review

Is it just 2296.00 for utility carts? You have to get one! This Crown Verity CV-PHS-3C Portable Hand Sink Cart is just amazing.