De Marchi Polo Unica Shirt - Men's Gray, XL



Spectating at the finish line of a local road race or criterium series in full cycling kit on a day you're not racing is a bit much, even for you. But showing up in a baggy hoodie and jeans would violate a lifetime of ingrained rules on appropriate style, and you're not prepared to do that. If this is a problem you've had before, we won't think it's a stretch to suggest that De Marchi's Polo Unica Men's Shirt would be right at home amongst your vintage wool jerseys, throwback team kit, and collection of classic cycling caps capable of inspiring envy from Merckx himself. With its luxuriously soft Pima cotton construction and mother-of-pearl buttons, the polo exudes the class and understated elegance De Marchi demonstrates so well across its line -- De Marchi designers clearly took their inspiration from classic cycling jerseys hailing from the middle of the last century. The three rear pockets on the back are more nostalgic nod than practical detail, and the classic stripe across the middle and subtle De Marchi logo on the front ensure your allegiance to cycling, even off the bike, will remain clear.

De Marchi Polo Unica Shirt - Men's Gray, XL Review

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