DPS- Lotus 120 Pure3 Spoon Ski



DPS- Lotus 120 Pure3 Spoon Ski. This is the original and often-imitated 120mm class powder pintail that started it all. For 2013, the Pure3 Lotus 120 gains a convex base design in the tip borrowed from the groundbreaking DPS Spoon powder ski. If you are looking for a directional charger, and are not a fan of tail rocker, there is simply no substitute. The Lotus 120s shaping is optimized for deep snow; a 600mm tapered and rockered shovel combined with Spoon technology gives the Lotus 120 early planing ability and increased slarvability, while the flex pattern and geometry provides skiers unrivaled balance and ball-of-the-foot driven powder performance.

DPS- Lotus 120 Pure3 Spoon Ski Review

This is my first Dps product and I'm really satisfied with it. I cant find better for the price of 1299.00.