Easy Chicken Slicer- 1/4



This slicer provides a safe and efficient alternative to preparing chicken by hand. Chicken is placed underneath the pusher block which holds tough, but unsharpened, stainless steel blades that close down and slice the chicken into equal 0.25 wide chicken strips. The apparatus is easy to dismantle - enabling the user to use different blade assemblies in order to achieve differing widths of chicken strips. The blades make your workplace a safer one to work in - lowering the risk of cuts, bleeding and contamination greatly with its injury-proof blades. The Nemco 55975-2 Easy Chicken Slicer 1/4 is also easy to position in your workplace because it does not rely on a source of power. The four legs with suction cups keep the unit held tightly to any surface - and the units compact design means it requires very little clearance. Constant Precision:Hand cutting won't promise a consistent result. This machine cuts 0.25 wide chicken strips with every single use - and with less effort than hand cutting Solid Materials:The Easy Chicken Slicer has an impressive lifespan - assured by its stainless steel blades and aluminum components Cleaning is Made Simple:The positioning of the pusher block and the devices base make sure that leftover pieces of chicken don't get stuck or clog the instruments Operation is Learned Easily:This machine is user-friendly enough that time won't be wasted teaching staff how to operate it. Pull the block down onto the chicken, and the strips are ready No Risk of Injury:The solid stainless steel blades are kept unsharpened in order to greatly lower the risk of anyone getting hurt or contaminating the workplace with blood Ergonomic Design Lessens Fatigue:Pulling the handle to bring down the pusher block is the only action needed - makes it less tiring than manually slicing the chicken. This brings workplace fatigue down significantly Convenient Shape and Size:This manually operated machine fits virtually any countertop. The slicer also features 2.5 of space underneath for catching the strips as they're chopped

Easy Chicken Slicer- 1/4 Review

No doubts, that Nemco is one of best producer of this graters peelers & slicers. All of my mates tell me, that I must buy Easy Chicken Slicer- 1/4. The earlier I buy it, the better it is.