Ergon SMC3 Saddle Black, M



Racing saddles certainly have their place on the trails, but harsh, weight-reducing designs need not make an appearance on all-day weekend rides spent exploring rolling ribbons of singletrack and hairpin turns through the trees. Whether you're looking for a saddle for your easy days or an entry-level saddle that will kindly introduce you to the world of mountain bikes, we'd recommend the Ergon SMC3 Saddle. Its primary goal is to keep you comfortable so you're able to spin all day without suffering a significant weight gain or a budget-crushing price. Ergon starts with sturdy CroMo rails paired with a thin fiberglass composite shell. It then adds AirCell padding wrapped in a soft, durable, microfiber cover to withstand abuse from the elements. The shell's shape and the AirCell padding is the same as what Ergon uses in the pricier SMC3 Pro and, compared to the race-ready SMR3 line, this saddle is softer and more amply cushioned. Though it's certainly plush, a pressure-relief channel running down the center of the saddle creates a topography that protects sensitive areas while maintaining a supportive platform for you engine.

Ergon SMC3 Saddle Black, M Review

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