Fluorescent Grow Lamp 200 Watt Red 2700K: J



Feliz Fluorescent Lamps are newly redesigned, efficient compact fluorescent grow lamps. Feliz Red Fluorescent warm spectrum lamp is great to add additional flowering spectrum light to a dark corner in your garden or if heat is your enemy, use them to bloom. The Feliz Blue cool spectrum lamp is great to start seeds or cuttings as well as vegetative growing. These lamps produce much less heat then a HID lamp and allows you to hang it very close for maximum light absorption. 12.5'' from top of bulb to end of socket, 4.5'' wide - the base if the widest part 125 Watts of fluorescent lighting = 500 Watts of incandescent lighting. 200 Watts of fluorescent lighting = 800 Watts of incandescent lighting. 250 Watts of fluorescent lighting = 1000 Watts of incandescent lighting. Ideal for use with the Sun System 8 and Bright Wing fixtures. Proven success in high humidity. Designed for horticulture. Full spectrum. Fits standard mogul base socket. Warm spectrum for FLOWER production (Red, 2700k) . Cool spectrum for VEGETATIVE growing (Blue, 6400k) . 6 month warranty.

Fluorescent Grow Lamp 200 Watt Red 2700K: J Review

I love all Feliz creation, they are gentle to use and the prices are fantabulous . Especially Fluorescent Grow Lamp 200 Watt Red 2700K: J is extraordinary just for 65.66.