Garmin Forerunner 25 GPS Running Watch GPS Running Watch



Garmin Forerunner 25 GPS Running WatchThe best things in life are simple to use AND multifunctional. Track your running stats and overall daily activity, all on the new Forerunner 25 from Garmin, an easy-to-use running watch with built-in activity tracking! Every step counts when it comes to fitness, and that's why this all-in-one running watch goes beyond distance, pace, and heart rate by tracking your activity in between runs, so you know exactly how many steps you take and the calories burned even when you aren't working out. Stay connected thanks to the text and call alert features that notify you of incoming communication, all on the large, at-a-glance display. The sleek, no-fuss Forerunner 25 delivers every indispensable feature that runners need in a thin, compact design, making it the lightest Forerunner to-date.Features: Take your runs anywhere - this GPS-enabled watch accurately tracks distance and pace, even in tree-dense areas.No more squinting! This model really delivers in an improved, customizable display, which is 32% larger than that of the Forerunner 15. Milestones should be celebrated, and that's why the new Forerunner 25 tracks when you beat your best time or venture into new mileage. Why stop tracking your activity just because your run is over? The Forerunner 25 clocks your daily steps, distance and calories burned, pushing you to move more and fueling better overall fitness or weight loss results. Get incoming calendar, call and text alerts so you stay connected to work or family and loved ones anytime, anywhere, without constantly checking your phone.Use the convenient Garmin Connect to take on new fitness challenges or to share runs (including real time, live tracking) and even daily activity results with friends and family.Use it all week - This Bluetooth-enabled watch gets up to 10 hours of use before requiring a charge.Pair with a compatible HRM or check out the Forerunner 25 bundle for invaluable heart rate data! What's in the Box:Garmin Forerunner GPS WatchGarmin Forerunner 25 Charging/Data CradleManualsGarmin Forerunner 25 Bundle:Garmin Forerunner 25Heart Rate MonitorCharging/Data CradleManuals

Garmin Forerunner 25 GPS Running Watch GPS Running Watch Review

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