Giro Empire VR90 Limited Edition Shoes - Men's



An unprecedented race calls for an extraordinary shoe, and with the launch of an all-new race format, Giro knew they had to pull out all the stops. Defining itself as part gravel grinder, part hill climb, and incorporating an enduro-type timing system, the Grinduro set out to raise the proverbial bar. It spans an epic 62 miles of Sierra Nevada hardpack, gravel, and a sprinkle of pavement punctuated with delicious food, saddle-bound bonhomie, and good-natured competition. Giro celebrates this new race with the Empire VR90 Limited Edition Shoes, which are resplendent in the Grinduro race's signature purple. These shoes stole the show at Interbike, and we can confirm that at least one Competitive staffer has been on a desperate mission to find a pair ever since. With 50 pairs sold at the Grinduro itself and only 150 available to the general public, they're likely to go fast. Setting aside the amazing color for just a moment, these shoes pack all the features we love about the standard VR90s, including a lace-up closure system for seven points of adjustability and a comfy, near-custom fit. The shoes also include Giro's SuperNatural Fit Kit, a series of three arch support options that lets you further fine tune the fit. Giro uses a one-piece upper made from soft, breathable Evofiber with perforations for extra cooling ventilation when the day gets warm. This material is malleable enough to shape to your foot for an exceptionally comfortable fit while resisting stretch and loss of shape over time. In this regard, we might liken them to a favorite pair of well-worn slippers -- if, that is, the slippers were high-tech, durable, and ridiculously low-weight. The polished finish accentuates the color with a pop of class and the added bonus of quick and easy cleaning after a muddy day in the saddle. Underfoot, Giro incorporates an ultralight and ultra-stiff Easton EC90 carbon fiber sole with a low 6. 5mm stack height for fast and efficient power transfer regardless of terr...

Giro Empire VR90 Limited Edition Shoes - Men's Review

Now I bought next two Giro Empire VR90 Limited Edition Shoes - Men's! This is the best cycling what I ever Had!