Gore Bike Wear Element Bib Shorts - Men's Black/White, XXL



Gore Bike Wear focuses on providing cycling kit for all levels of cyclists with all riding interests. The Men's Element Bib Tights Shorts have been designed with comfort and performance in mind for anyone who loves to spend time on the bike. The hallmark of Element Bib Tights Shorts has to be the level of comfort they provide. The bib straps have been designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, while removing the need to have a waistband as with the shorts version. Gore has paid attention to having few seams and placing them where they will reduce the chance for friction and chafing. Whether you are using these to prepare for your next cyclosportif, or wear them under mountain shorts, the Element Bib Tight Shorts will give you the sort of support that you need to keep your muscles from fatiguing too quickly while still providing your legs and torso a chance to ventilate. The bib straps are a full mesh construction, so not to grab you too tightly or prevent you from airing out. The leg cuffs have a gripper elastic that will hold them in place without uncomfortably catching your skin. The insert has been designed not to have too many bells and whistles, but simply provide you with the sort of no-nonsense cushioning protection that will get you through two hour rides on Saturday morning as well as recovery rides. It has been shaped to provide support where needed and remove bulk where it serves no purpose. The material has elasticity as well as breathability that will keep you well aired-out, which is one of the keys to having a comfortable ride. A pelvic tract has been constructed for this insert, to support the sort of pelvic rotation movement that often happens when you hunker down into a cycling position. It has been designed with a central channel to accommodate the male anatomy, which will increase bloodflow and reduce the possibility of getting numb.

Gore Bike Wear Element Bib Shorts - Men's Black/White, XXL Review

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