Gore Bike Wear Power Socks - Men's



It's easy to be duped into spending $150 on socks in an attempt to chop minutes off your PRs, but you'll actually be better off if you save the money, buy Gore Bike Wear's lightweight Power Socks, and ride with a heavier wallet. The Power Socks cost about as much as post-ride pizza, but deliver expensive-feeling comfort via breathable mesh panels, an anti-stress Lycra cuff, and anatomical padding in key zones under the foot. Anatomically specific left and right socks improve support and help limit discomfort, and an anti-twist band under the arch helps keep your feet from slipping inside your shoes when you're burying yourself in the last km.

Gore Bike Wear Power Socks - Men's Review

It's another nice product from Gore Bike Wear. You cannot go bad with this purchase at Competitive Cyclist .