Lake CX175 Shoes - Men's Black/Silver, 41.0



The men's CX175 Shoes adapt many features from the more expensive CX217 model with a few changes to rein-in the price and provide a different fit option. The key change is in the outsole, with Lake opting for a fiberglass-reinforced nylon platform on the CX175 instead of the CX217's carbon fiber sole. This means that the CX175 lacks some of the power transferring capabilities of its more expensive stablemate, but -- for anyone except a dedicated racer -- the slightly less efficient sole won't be an issue. In reality, whatever your day in the saddle has in store, the CX175 is fit for it. The CX175 is also built on a different last, substituting Lake's Road Standard Last for the CX217's Road Sport Last. The CX175 has a slimmer, trimmer toe box that leads into a mid-width metatarsal space and boasts pronounced arch support. It's a comfort-focused fit, designed to ensure that the metatarsal bones have plenty of room to expand during hard efforts with the aim of alleviating hotspots and tenderness during long rides. Except for the above differences, the CX175 is largely the same as the CX217. It includes an Action leather upper that's shot through with panels of mesh for strategic ventilation that's easily covered on cool fall mornings or bright winter afternoons. It's also got the same Boa L4 wire dial enclosure system. This design is a rarity in the industry, as most manufacturers supplement single Boa dials with a hook-and-loop strap across the toe box. In our experience, this additional strap is an unnecessary embellishment that has little to no effect on fit, and we find that the single dial enclosure system is a perfectly capable, lower-weight system.

Lake CX175 Shoes - Men's Black/Silver, 41.0 Review

Lake CX175 Shoes - Men's Black/Silver, 41.0 rocks! I am gonna buy them also for my sister!