LumiGrow Pro 650 LED Grow Light



LumiGrow Pro Series 650 LED Grow Light View our GrowersHouse review and PAR test of the LumiGrow Pro Series Greenhouse units. Want an overview of all LumiGrow products? Check out our Everything You Need To Know About Lumigrow LED Grow Lights page. You no longer need to choose between boosting crop yields and controlling operating costs. LumiGrow Pro Series LED Grow Lights deliver both benefits with the industry's two most powerful LED greenhouse lights: the LumiGrow Pro 325 and the LumiGrow Pro 650. The LumiGrow Pro 650 has an equivalent red and blue PAR rating of TWO 1000w HID HPS Bulbs The growing area of this LED is a 2:1 ratio of hanging height to one side of the area. (Ex: 2' hanging height would be a 5'x5' area... 3' hanging height would be a 6'x6' Area.) Peerless in the Industry, LumiGrow Pro Series Lights are The Most Cost-Effective Means of Boosting Crop Yield. Well-designed lighting systems boost yield and quality. But ordinary lights cost so much to operate that they erode profits. Energy-efficient LumiGrow solutions enable growers to achieve the advantages of supplemental lighting without high operating costs. That's why LumiGrow is the considered choice of expert growers around the globe. How It Works The Lumigrow Pro series equips growers with LED lights that output more red and blue in the essential PAR range than the industry's most powerful conventional lighting systems, including any high-intensity discharge (HID) fixture. Peerless in the industry, Pro 325 and Pro 650 lights double and quadruple, respectively, the brightness and efficiency of the LumiGrow ES330 system, previously the industry's most powerful LED light. Best for Your Plants You'll make the most of your greenhouse or other growing environment because the LumiGrow Pro series provides uniform light distribution without harmful hot spots. In addition, LumiGrow lights run 70% cooler than high intensity discharge (HID) lights,

LumiGrow Pro 650 LED Grow Light Review

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