Mavic CXR Ultimate Griplink Tire - Tubular



Mavic's CXR Ultimate Griplink Tubular Tire is meant to integrate seamlessly with your CXR Tubular hoops and CX01 blades, creating one smooth interface for uninterrupted airflow across a rim and tire that work together to cheat the wind. This tire's Griplink distinction means that it's been specifically designed to be used as a front tire. Though Mavic develops the concept for the tire in-house, it relinquishes control of the manufacturing process to the rubber masters at Hutchinson to provide the best possible end result. The GripLink includes a nylon breaker to offer reassuring protection from flat-causing road debris underneath a soft, grippy, single-compound tread. The tread itself employs a classic road tire construction, using a firm center channel surrounded by more forgiving shoulders and a supple 210 TPI. While it's impressive on its own, pairing the Griplink with its fast-rolling Powerlink rear counterpart is the best way to put the its controlled cornering capabilities and traction throughout a range of weather conditions on display.

Mavic CXR Ultimate Griplink Tire - Tubular Review

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