Mini Stack Series - Wine Glass Rack in Dark Walnut



This Wine Glass Rack (STACKGR-DW) from Wine Cellar Innovations arrives fully assembled and ready to store up to 15 wine glasses. Made in the USA, its solid-wood construction houses glasses in durable, inverted storage. The rack's eye-catching dark walnut finish only serves to highlight bottles and glasses on display in a cellar, storage area, or wine room. This Glass Rack is a part of Wine Cellar Innovations' Mini Stack Series, a collection of individual racks that can be stacked vertically or side by side to create fully-customized wine storage solutions. They come with 1 screws which allow them to be fastened to each other vertically in storage towers up to 10', and store bottlesand glassesin a variety of arrangements. Matching dark walnut racks in this series are the STACK12-DW, STACKBB-DW, STACKOD-DW, STACKBIN-DW, AND STACKGR-DW models. Made in the USA:High-quality, solid-wood construction Fully assembled:Each rack arrives ready to store glasses Stackable:Mix and match the Mini Stack Series for fully-customizable storage Note: glass capacity may vary depending on size and shape of glasses

Mini Stack Series - Wine Glass Rack in Dark Walnut Review

Hey, there! Products by Wine Cellar Innovations are really great. I use them on the daily basis. Also this Compact Appliance has the lowest price.