Miracle Industries Miracle Blanket (Blue Chevron)



Recommended by pediatricians worldwide, the unique design of the Miracle Industries Miracle Blanket combines two of the most effective solutions to calm any fussy baby: classic swaddling and the lateral belt wrap. Securely wrapped around baby, the super-soft Miracle Industries blanket provides a gentle pressure on the abdomen to reduce fussiness. This luxurious, cotton knit blanket swaddle is also breathable for year-round use. With just enough stretch to accommodate baby's movements, the comfortable Miracle Blanket won't come undone. The Miracle Industries Miracle Blanket makes it easy to get the perfect swaddle every time, even in the dark, and is for newborns and babies up to 14 weeks old (approximately 4 months old) . Features & Benefits: Miracle Industries Miracle Blanket stops colic Combines classic swaddling and the lateral belt wrap Helps reduce risk of SIDS Eases fussiness Helps baby sleep better and longer Prevents facial scratches Prevents twitches that often wake baby 100% high quality cotton Used and recommended by doctors, doulas, nurses, birth professionals and hospitals Breathable fabric keeps baby warm in cool places and cool in warm climates Machine wash One size fits all For ages: Newborns and up to 14 weeks old or approx. 4 months old

Miracle Industries Miracle Blanket (Blue Chevron) Review

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