Morandi Collection Canisters, Measuring Spoons & Cruets



The Morandi Collection of ceramics and glassware was designed with a Bauhaus sensibility in mind. Each piece in the collection is shaped with minimal, clean, architectural lines. This collection stylishly celebrates the beloved ritual of morning coffee and the simple pleasures of preparing, serving and sharing a meal. The Morandi Collection features fine stoneware formed from iron-rich clay. Finished with a creamy translucent glaze and clay. For contrast, the the exterior of each piece is left partially unglazed, the interior is fully glazed and watertight. The collection includes a broad selection of items suited for everyday use. Canisters feature wood tops; measuring spoons have leather ties on the handles. Morandi collection pieces featuring leather should be hand-washed. All others are dishwasher safe. Sold as a set of 3.Set of 3 Canisters:  4 diameter x 4 7/8 height, 5 diameter x 5 1/2 height, 5 x 8 heightMeasuring spoons:  3 3/4 long x 1 1/2 height to 6 1/8 long x 2 1/2 wide x 1 heightOil & Vinegar Glass cruets with wood stoppers, set of 2: 2 7/8 diameter x 6 1/2 height, 2 3/4 diameter x 8 height. 2 - 10 days to ship out and receive tracking.

Morandi Collection Canisters, Measuring Spoons & Cruets Review

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