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Bring classic 50's style to your kitchen with the Smeg 11.7 Cu. Ft. Retro Refrigerator with Bottom Freezer (FAB32UPBRN) . Clad in a glossy, colorful finish with delightfully rounded corners, it's sure to attract attention and provide the centerpiece for any stylish and modern kitchen. In a plethora of fantastic colors, the bottom-freezer refrigerator also features classic chrome handles and a smooth, clean exterior. But make no mistake: the Smeg Retro Refrigerator doesn't sacrifice any amount of function in reaching its stunning form. The full-featured refrigerator boasts two separate compartments with individual doors. On top, you'll find a refrigerator space with 8.2 cubic feet of room for storing ample goods. An interior light illuminates a trio of adjustable glass shelves which are both sturdy and easy to clean. One fruit and vegetable container takes your fresh produce and helps extend the shelf life. In the door, three adjustable balconies, a shelf with transparent cover, and an egg holder offer plenty of configuration options for things like cartons, condiments, and bottles. And if that's not enough, an independent bottle-storage shelf can hold wines or sparkling water without sacrificing vertical space. Its bottom compartmenta freezerclocks in at 3.5 cubic feet of space. There, you'll find a pair of drawers as well as an interior compartment with a pull-down flap, complete with an ice tray. Foods put into this freezer can take advantage of a fast-freeze function, quickly cooling down to lower temperatures. Both the top and bottom compartments of this refrigerator are controlled easily with the help of twin thermostats and their digital displays, coyly hidden behind the top segment of the refrigerator drawer. With this Smeg Retro Refrigerator, style is on topbut functionality is never far below. Breathtaking 50's Style:High-gloss and single-color exteriors are sure to draw the eye and make this retro-style unit the centerpiece of your kitchen Twin Thermostats:Adjust your fridge and freezer settings on the fly with the help of two independent thermostats and digital displays Bottle Storage Shelf:Free up standing shelf space by placing your wines and sparkling waters onto a dedicated bottle shelf

Pastel Blue 11.7 Cu. Ft. Retro Refrigerator with Bottom Freezer - Right Hinge Review

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