POC Contour Aerofoil Bib Shorts Navy Black, M - Men's



For a 12-mile, recreational weekend noodle, virtually any pair of shorts with a lump of padding will suffice to keep you comfortably spinning. But when suiting up for a 100-mile race with average speeds closer to 30mph than 20, then every marginal gain counts. With the Contour Aerofoil Bib Shorts, POC covers those margins, incorporating the same elements of gentle compression and long-distance comfort found in the normal Contour Bib Shorts, but with the added advantage of a sleeker, race-ready fit and claimed aerodynamic gains. While we aren't aerodynamic physicists ourselves, POC claims the textured material wrapping the thighs and sitting on the lower back reduces drag by managing airflow across its surface in a fashion similar to the dimpling on golf balls and certain makes of deep carbon rims. The high elastane content of the body fabric provides more obvious aerodynamic benefits, ensuring a painted-on fit throughout that won't shift or bunch. The wide, flat leg bands also do their part by eliminating the transitional ridges between skin and shorts caused by traditional folded cuffs and silicone gripper bands, creating one less opportunity for passing air to grab onto you. The shorts are finished with a hit of reflectivity on the outside and the titular Contour chamois on the inside. You'll appreciate the former when the slick Navy Black color becomes less desirable in low-light conditions; you'll appreciate the latter any time you throw a leg over the top tube. The Contour's core incorporates silicone-based VPDS inserts that not only cushion bumps and absorb road noise and chip-seal vibrations, but also taper to encourage a more aggressive position in the saddle. The base layer is perforated for breathability, and the face material's bacteriostatic properties are just as important for warding off saddle sores as the 3D-shaped cushioning itself.

POC Contour Aerofoil Bib Shorts Navy Black, M - Men's Review

My girlfriend bought this compression shorts at Competitive Cyclist, but your price is way better!