Smart Home Watches Cross Wind Chime



Smart Home 26762,Looking for an easy way to spruce up your home decor before the visit from your special guests? Get this metal wind chime with a cross design that features an eclectic cross-themed look. Look at it from the religious point of view or just with the eye of an artist this wind chime is a sure attention grabber. With astute symmetry in its craftsmanship it is sure to spark up some interesting conversations while adding an irresistible rustic charm to your space. With each end of the cross featuring three circles each with cute metal bells that tinkle when moved by the breeze this wind chime will add a serene aspect to your home environment. You can easily hang this work of art up using its metal chain and link that is strong enough for its weight. Made from metal it is rustproof and can withstand adverse weather. Get it for yourself or gift it to someone dear this wind chime is an aesthetic masterpiece.

Smart Home Watches Cross Wind Chime Review

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