Sunshine Advanced Mix #4 - Compressed -- 2.2 Cu. Ft.



Sunshine Advanced Mix #4 is meticulously formulated to meet the needs of professionals, yet easy to use for beginners. Sunshine Advanced Mix #4 is made with Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, coarse perlite, coconut coir pith (coir) , and organic starter nutrient charge that contains gypsum, dolomitic limestone, and organic wetting agent plus a plentiful helping of multiple strains of mycorhizzae for improved nutrient and water uptake, and better resistance to stress. These compressed bricks expand to approximately double their normal compressed size. Expanded conversions to gallons of media is below: 1 Cu Ft = 15 gallons of media 2.2 Cu Ft = 33 gallons of media 3 Cu Ft = 45 gallons of media

Sunshine Advanced Mix #4 - Compressed -- 2.2 Cu. Ft. Review

Came sooner than expected. Awesome soils great quality. It's just as I expected!