Travertine Tile - Planks and Sets Giotto Multi Beige / 12x24x1/2 /



Minimum Order: 104/sq ft - Cut into non-traditional dimensions to capture the look of wood, these beautiful travertine tiles are a unique and organic stone product. As a filled travertine, this product's filled finish provides an outstanding and smooth surface on which to walk. Create your own plank tile combination for a unique interior design statement. With a smooth, matte finish that is less reflective compared to a polished finish, Izmir Travertine Planks can create an outstanding floor in your home or office. Create a space in style at BuildDirect Izmir Travertine Planks can add exceptional style to any type of home. This natural stone product blends seamlessly with a range of interior designs, and its unique, smooth finish allows for a high degree of tasteful contrast through the elemental and unique patterns and color ranges found in each tile. Each selection lends a beautiful and sophisticated look for your kitchen, hall or bathroom. Get more for your home improvement investment at BuildDirect Investing in natural stone like travertine tile makes an impact on your bottom line. With travertine tiles from BuildDirect, you can save you money and still get the quality you're after. Not only does BuildDirect provide you with the most competitive prices in the market, travertine is a great product for conserving and radiating heat, providing better, and more efficient use of energy in your home. You can count on BuildDirect for quality. We work closely with our international suppliers and with fewer in-between steps in the supply chain process to bring the highest standards to your purchase, especially when it comes to luxury premium natural products like Izmir Travertine Planks.

Travertine Tile - Planks and Sets Giotto Multi Beige / 12x24x1/2 / Review

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