Turbo Air 9000 BTU SEER 16 Indoor



Customize your very own Turbo Air mini-split system with the 9,000 BTU Multi Zone Indoor Seer 16 (TAS-09MVHN) DC Inverter. Ideal for dated buildings, condominiums and room renovations, this mini-split inverter will supply up to 9,000 BTUs of cooling and 10,000 BTUs of heating power to ensure your desired space is always the perfect temperature. Thanks to its space-saving design, the Turbo Air TAS-09MVHN takes up virtually no room on the floor and can be installed almost anywhere. Use this commercial-grade inverter to eliminate hotspots in areas where your central AC cannot reachor during new construction to avoid expensive ductwork installations. For your convenience, the TAS-09MVHN can be entirely controlled via the included wireless remote. Access convenient features such as sleep mode, 24-hour timer, and louver control from anywhere in the roomall at the palm of your hand. Completed with an all-white, minimalist exterior and quiet operation, the Turbo Air 9,000 BTU Multi Zone Indoor Seer 16 DC Inverter will subtly blend into any style of decor so you can finally enjoy unparalleled comfort without distractions. Quiet Operation: In order to ensure for the quietest possible operation, this high-efficiency inverter utilizes a twin rotary compressor to dramatically reduce vibrations and noise Hot Start Heating System: Thanks to this unit's built-in heat pump, you'll immediately feel warm air as soon as you switch the TAS-09MVHN to heating; this function prevents unpleasant cold blasts of air while the heat pump is warming up Air Sweep Control: This function oscillates the adjustable louvers to direct airflow around your space and optimize circulation Automatic Restart: In the event of a power failure, the Turbo Air TAS-09MVHN will resume operation with the last input settings once power is restored Sleep Mode: During this function, the set room temperature will gradually increase (or decrease if heating) so you can rest comfortably while saving on energy 24-Hour Timer: Add convenience to your everyday routine by setting up a timer to start or stop this unit's operation Environmentally Friendly: The Turbo Air TAS-09MVHN uses non-ozone depleting R-410A refrigerant so you can stay comfortable while helping the earth

Turbo Air 9000 BTU SEER 16 Indoor Review

I am very pleased with the Turbo Air 9000 BTU SEER 16 Indoor. I use it all the time. I wish that I had this multiroom sooner.