Ulu Half Pendant by David Trubridge Design



Inspired by the delicious memory of eating breadfruit in Tahiti, the David Trubridge Design Ulu Half Pendant features a design based on the shape of the leaves of the breadfruit tree (or ulu in Tahitian) . Each of the Natural Bamboo components features the same geometric shape, making them easy to assemble into the pictured drum shade. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, David Trubridge lighting and furniture designs are created to encourage sustainable living in a way that also nourishes people spiritually and culturally. This kind of cultural design marries technology with culture and nature to create a design style that's unique to our time, one that's both contemporary and timeless.

Ulu Half Pendant by David Trubridge Design Review

I've only had this Ulu Half Pendant by David Trubridge Design for about two weeks. I suppose I'll have to play with it some more to get the feel for it. In the meantime, it satisfies my need for a pendant lights