Voile - V6 BC Skis



Voile - V6 BC Skis. Never a slave to orthodoxy, VoilA Manufacturing has always been on the forefront of creative thinking and unusual ideas to help improve the backcountry skiing experience. So when they asked themselves how they might further modify the already-marvelous, incredibly-versatile V6, the answer seemed obvious: Take it fishing. And that's exactly what they did-not for trout, bass or crappie-but by adding fish-like scales to its base, a feature we've dubbed the ""VoilA Traction-Pattern Base. The VoilA V6 BC represents VoilA 's third foray into the domain of scaled-base skis, as preceded by the Vector BC and Charger BC. Admittedly, such skis are not for everyone or every variety of slope. That said, for the backcountry skier who must continually make long approaches over undulating terrain, the V6 BC's can be a welcome godsend. Does the V6 BC replace the need to carry skins? No, definitely not. Is there

Voile - V6 BC Skis Review

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