Zephyr Pyramid Collection 30 Under Cabinet Range Hood-290 CFM



All of Zephyr's products are a testament to powerful design. Made from smooth stainless steel, these hoods feature clean, sweeping surfaces and crisp angles in a format that fits seamlessly into any kitchen. Clear the Air:Zephyr's powerful blowers quickly capture and remove scents, smoke, and vapor caused by cooking Illuminate:Built-in lighting makes sure you're never in the dark when working with hot pans and surfaces Sleek Design:Smooth lines and unassuming angles ensure that these range hoods work well in any space About ZephyrWhen Zephyr launched its first products in 1997, it was with a singular idea: that the range hood can do so much more than move hot air. With innovative designs and powerful, consumer-first technologies, Zephyr brings solid, independent appliances that offer professional-grade utility to the home kitchen. After perfecting invaluable technologiessuch as high-CFM blowers that quickly capture and remove smells and smoke and a low-decibel system that offers quiet efficiency while workingZephyr began to redefine the range hood even further. By partnering with passionate and renowned designers, Zephyr redesigned their range hoods to cement them as beautiful kitchen appliances in their own right, molding materials such as stainless steel and glass into timeless fixtures.

Zephyr Pyramid Collection 30 Under Cabinet Range Hood-290 CFM Review

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